We have to give huge props to The Daily Wire’s Ben Johnson — he apparently took a bullet for us and watched Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” this week and lived to tell about it. As Twitchy reported, Disney CEO Bob Chapek finally buckled under pressure from employees and expressed opposition to Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, calling Gov. Ron DeSantis to express his “disappointment” and “concern” over the legislation. Two days later he sent a mass email to employees addressing the pain, frustration, and sadness they felt because he hadn’t spoken out against the bill sooner.

Stelter tackled the Parental Rights in Education bill on his show with guest Garth Ancier, former president of Walt Disney Television.

Johnson reports:

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Stelter asked why CEO Bob Chapek was “so out of touch” that it took him days “to come to the side of his employees to speak out against Florida’s controversial, so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.”

Stelter, who has dedicated his career to policing media speech, said he bristles “when the media calls [the Florida bill] a culture war battle.”

“It’s not a culture war, talking about equal rights for everybody in a country,” Stelter asserted, before immediately reversing himself. “I mean, I guess it is,” he said, before concluding, “I’m getting tired of the culture war frame,” he added, referring to the issue of teaching children about transgender issues during their first days in school.

So Stelter’s biggest question about the legislation is how Disney’s CEO was so out of touch with his employees who opposed it.

Micro-minority … that’s good.


Where’d he get this “talking about equal rights for everybody in a country” line? Is that what kindergarten teachers are supposed to be doing? Do they need to lead sessions on sexual orientation and gender identity to accomplish that?