The memo went out right after Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine: Republicans who continued to criticize President Joe Biden were by default supporting Putin. Bill Kristol and a lot of others had a meltdown when on February 23 the House Republicans tweeted a photo of Biden walking away from the podium without taking questions, saying, “This is what weakness on the world stage looks like.” “This is what disloyalty at home looks like,” tweeted former RNC Chair Michael Steele.

A couple of days ago, Lincoln Project advisor Stuart Stevens tweeted that Biden was “very methodically saving the world,” adding, “This is a moment he has prepared for his entire life.”

Now the two have come together: Stevens is reacting to a tweet by GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy by accusing him of defending Putin.

We know this. We’re sure you’ve seen the graph now charting the price of gas since Inauguration Day. How Putin is responsible for the 2021 rise in gas prices we don’t know.

Where is he defending Putin? And he’s not blaming “America,” he’s blaming Biden. McCarthy made that pretty clear.

The White House communications director made it clear this is the #PutinPriceHike, and that’s Biden’s story and he’s sticking to it.