We heard President Joe Biden announce during the State of the Union address Tuesday night that he was closing American airspace to Russian jets, something many European countries had already done. The idea is to isolate Russia to rebuke Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine. A lot of people are having ideas of how they can sanction Russia in their own ways, like refusing to buy Russian vodka. Some people are taking things too far, though. We didn’t believe it at first, but a university in Italy has reportedly posponed the teaching of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

In Scotland, the Glasgow Film Festival has announced that it is withdrawing two Russian titles from the program. “We just believe that it would be inappropriate to proceed as normal with these screenings in the current circumstances,” reads a statement.

The Russian conductor of the Munich Philharmonic was sent packing for refusing to denounce Putin:

And we’re hearing from Chinese state-owned media that Russian cats are being banned from international competition:

And a Philadelphia bar owner knew he couldn’t do much, but he tried to persuade fellow bars from serving “Moscow Mules.”

If we see any more cultural bannings of all things Russian (or Russian-sounding) we’ll let you know.