You always know you’re not dealing with someone in good faith when they conflate critical race theory with the teaching of America’s history. Of course, America’s history is going to be taught. Parents would just prefer to avoid having their children fill out privilege worksheets to determine if they are part of the oppressor class or the victim class.

Reuters is late to the party, but it’s finally covering the concerns of parents. Actually, scrub that; we don’t think we’ve seen any mainstream news organization actually write up a piece from the parents’ point of view. Parents aren’t even supposed to be involved in their children’s education — that’s what the professionals are for. So we’re back to the “domestic terrorists” narrative.

Nice graphic that Reuters chose to use with the story. But why not? “Local school officials across the United States are being inundated with threats of violence and other hostile messages.”

Make no mistake: No school board member should be threatened or intimidated. But could someone just once do a story on the parents’ concerns without writing them off? Maybe mom doesn’t want her daughter sharing the showers in the locker room with a biological male.

Attorney General Merrick Garland teaming up with the National School Boards Association to write that FBI memo on domestic terrorists backfired in a big way. Maybe if the school boards and the media didn’t share the same progressive agenda we could get a balanced story.


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