The narrative surrounding Ray Epps, the man seen on video instigating the Capitol riot for two days, is that he spoke with the January 6 select committee and assured them he wasn’t working on behalf of any law enforcement agency, so any implication he was an FBI informant is a conspiracy theory.

We still have a lot of questions, though, and it appears the select committee does too, as they’re having Epps come back for another interview. Didn’t the first one cover it?

But Rep. Adam Kinzinger already said, “Sorry crazies,” Epps is “just another misled man.” It still seems weird the committee and the FBI would just let him off the hook after so aggressively prosecuting grandmothers who just walked through the open doors of the Capitol building and took selfies. But Epps’ attorney can explain why he was removed from the FBI’s suspect list:

Friday’s interview will be more formal? Will Epps be wearing a tux?

Yeah, not to sound like conspiracy theorists, but the “accommodation process” seems to have worked out really well for Epps.

There’s a reason Epps is drawing so much attention — that explanation from his lawyer for why he was removed from the suspect list is not convincing at all.


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