President Joe Biden is treading water and he’s obviously not happy about it. In Atlanta Tuesday, he reaffirmed his desire for a filibuster “carveout” to get “voting rights” legislation passed, and he’s upset that the Senate isn’t handing him what he wants. We’ve covered plenty of clowns who want to abolish the Senate, and Biden is beginning to sound like one of them, despite having been a senator himself for 150 years.

Biden wants majority rule … and that’s what he’s getting. It might be a 50-50 split in the Senate by party, but without Sen. Joe Manchin on board with nuking the filibuster, it’s 51-49. Add on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and it’s 52-48 … the majority rules, and Biden doesn’t have a majority.

Oh, and we have 51 presidents. He’s not kidding.

He was planning his legacy on being shutting down COVID in the first 100 days of his presidency, and then he banked it on Build Back Better. He’s got nothing.