As Twitchy reported, not even voting rights crusader Stacey Abrams was going to attend President Joe Biden’s speech in Georgia pushing for “voting rights” legislation that would federalize elections. Politico notes that Biden’s speech comes just days after he blasted Donald Trump in his January 6 anniversary speech and that all of these states’ new voting laws are “based on the former president’s lies of election fraud.”

That’s pretty rich. Democrats say voter fraud is a problem that doesn’t exist; however, as Abrams demonstrated, they’re certain that voter suppression is real and is keeping minorities and the poor from being able to vote — even though the gubernatorial race Abrams lost had record voter turnout in Georgia.

“Jim Eagle.”

Again, if Biden’s doing anything, he’s setting his sights on “voter suppression,” which can be anything from requiring a photo ID to having to stand in line for an hour. He’s pushing for laws based on Abrams’ lies of voter suppression.


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