We swear every airline is in trouble every other week — we could start a whole new site just on posts about people ticked off at airlines. NBC News has picked up on a Twitter thread by an Arizona mother who slammed Delta Air Lines because it only offered the options of male and female in its ticketing process, meaning she “couldn’t” buy a ticket for her nonbinary child.

NBC News reports:

A mother from Arizona is calling out Delta Air Lines after she said she could not buy a plane ticket for her nonbinary child due to the airline’s lack of gender options during the booking process.

In a Twitter thread Thursday, Dawn Henry, 52, said she was trying to buy a surprise plane ticket for her adult child when she discovered Delta only provides male and female gender options. Henry’s 21-year-old child is nonbinary, meaning they identify as neither exclusively male nor female, and they have an “X” gender marker on their birth certificate and Washington state driver’s license.

Henry said in a tweet that “nonbinary people are not allowed to fly” and that Delta’s policy “makes it impossible to buy a ticket.” That’s because the TSA says it will ensure that a passenger’s ID and boarding pass match.

She couldn’t book a ticket on American and United, which do have a nonbinary drop-down option?

Delta had apparently promised to add an “other” drop-down option back in 2019 but said in a statement it is “back on track to be able to offer a non-binary gender option in our booking systems in 2022.”


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