Remember when Merrick Garland was as sainted by the Left as Dr. Anthony Fauci is now? He was to be the next Supreme Court justice before “his” seat was stolen from him. Liberals were outraged that Garland was denied his rightful place on the Court.

President Joe Biden tried to make things right by naming Garland attorney general, but we’re happy to announce that Garland has been nothing but a huge disappointment to the Left; liberals are actually saying we dodged a bullet having him on the Supreme Court. He hasn’t done anything about the findings of the Mueller report, and he apparently is taking his sweet time with the January 6 investigation. It’s been a year, and on Wednesday, he’s going to give a generic speech about the investigation’s progress.

He won’t speak to specific individuals or charges? Why doesn’t he talk about all of the people charged with insurrection? Oh yeah …

Jennifer Rubin and her fellow liberals aren’t going to be happy unless Garland shows some initiative to get Donald Trump, who incited the mob and had the whole thing planned in advance.

Don’t forget “parading.”

There seem to be three modes of thought in Rubin’s replies: 1) Don’t discount Garland until you’ve heard what he has to say, 2) Garland’s speech is going to be an enormous disappointment like the Mueller investigation was, and 2) Biden should fire Garland and give Sally Yates the position.

No one on the Left is going to be happy unless Garland announces he’s going after Trump and the members of Congress who objected to the certification of the electoral votes — something that sitting members of the January 6 special committee did themselves in 2021.


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