Mother Jones got in big trouble with its decidedly leftist readership the other day when it declared Rep. Liz Cheney “a hero of 2021.” A lot of people suggested that Mother Jones change the title of its magazine after featuring the Republican daughter of warmonger Dick Cheney.

Readers should be more comfortable with this offering, a look into right-wing YouTube videos that are turning millennials into conservatives. The target this time? Dennis Prager and PragerU.

Mark Oppenheimer kicks off by noting the confusion over the role of the Electoral College after Donald Trump was elected president. A lot of people searched the internet for answers, and many landed on a video from PragerU:

People turned to the New York Times and the Washington Post, Fox News, and even the Constitution for answers. But few sources were as widely consulted as “Do You Understand the Electoral College?” a five-minute video hosted by retired lawyer and television pundit Tara Ross. Her genial lecture, illustrated with colorful cartoons and pop-up text—”pure democracies do not work”—can be found at Prager University, an online video portal curated by the conservative talk-radio host Dennis Prager. The Electoral College video had about 850,000 views before the election, says Allen Estrin, Prager’s producer and consigliere. “Two weeks later, it had 50 million.”

Oppenheimer goes on to note that PragerU’s video doesn’t mention “how the Electoral College was born of a compromise with slave states or note the degree to which it skews the will of the majority.”

Just like Dan Bongino, PragerU has a massive media footprint, and the Left can’t stand it.

PragerU has a much greater reach than Mother Jones and they can’t stand it.