Just before Christmas, the Washington Post began to prepare its readers for the Omicron surge by telling the thousands who “followed the rules” and contract COVID-19 anyway shouldn’t feel ashamed. And just a day ago, an assistant professor in epidemiology said she felt “ashamed” and “embarrassed” to have tested positive for COVID after doing everything right. As we’ve pointed out, the virus is spreading among the triple-vaccinated, and now that it’s beginning to affect the media and their chums, getting COVID isn’t such a bad thing.

Enter Cenk Uygur to send a message to all of the unvaccinated clowns on the right-wing who are “more diseased and contagious” — do you want President Joe Biden to lock you all down?

Sorry, but it’s the vaccinated who are spreading the virus now.

Who is “you” in “Do you want him to lock all of you down?” Right-wingers? The unvaccinated?

And no, it’s not true that 60 percent of Republicans are unvaccinated, so stop quoting that number.