Sorry for all the Dr. Leana Wen posts recently, but she really let the cat out of the bag when she let it slip on CNN that “cloth masks are little more than facial decoration.” Of course, she “clarified” that comment soon after by saying that we should “require” masks that are the most effective … at a minimum, three-ply surgical masks. A lot of parents whose children have been made to wear that facial decoration made their displeasure clear.

We’re old enough to remember when Rep. Eric Swalwell was tweeting at us to stop wearing masks.

Twice-weekly testing for preschoolers in exchange for masks until they make a vaccine for children under 5. It just keeps getting better.

She lives in a world where the message changes from week to week. Don’t wear masks. Wear cloth masks. Wear two cloth masks. Wear a surgical mask. Vaccinate your toddler. Are children under 5 going to be included in Biden’s crusade to get 100 percent of Americans vaccinated?