Back in March, we told you about a pair of doctors who were advocating for a “proactively antiracist agenda for medicine,” though they did bring up the concern that offering preferential care based on race might elicit legal challenges. “Our path to this realization, as with nearly all advancements in social medicine, took us outside our discipline — through the field of critical race theory, in particular,” they said.

Here’s a lengthy thread from the Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium in which he describes the Biden administration’s plan to offer bonuses to doctors who “create and implement an anti-racism plan.” Clinics can also boost their Medicare reimbursements by implementing an approach that seeks to “avoid re-traumatizing or triggering past trauma” — not physical trauma, but “multi-generational trauma” passed down through generations.

It’s a long thread, but it’s worth it:

Define race as a “political and social construct.”

It might be tough for a solo practice to shell out $20,000 for a one-hour Zoom session with Ibram X. Kendi.



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