As Twitchy reported this week, Jack Dorsey stepped down as Twitter’s CEO, with Parag Agrawal taking the mantle. Just a day later, Twitter updated its policies, banning “the sharing of private media, such as images or videos of private individuals without their consent.” As Andy Ngo points out, the left-wing Media Matters posted a piece on how “right-wing media erupted in false censorship claims.” It’s true; right-wingers did wonder how citizen journalism like that practiced by Project Veritas would survive on the platform.

However, the same day, the Washington Post published a piece on how the far right was using the new rule against “anti-extremism researchers.”

“Researchers fear the new ban on posts sharing people’s private information will be ’emboldening to the fascists’ eager to keep their identities concealed,” the Post wrote.

Ngo is a constant target of Antifa because he posts their mugshots, which are public information, on Twitter. But now “anti-extremism researchers” (notice the term is used only to refer to progressives) are complaining that Twitter is censoring them under its new rule.

You’ll never see the words “far-left” in print.

So no more doxxing from the left? But that’s a critical element of their “research.”