CNN’s Brian Stelter wrote a whole book called “Hoax” about the connection between President Donald Trump and Fox News. Trump’s out of office, Fox News is still destroying CNN in the ratings, and Stelter’s book is even less relevant than the day it was published. Stelter’s new obsession seems to be Tucker Carlson, which isn’t surprising, seeing as he rules prime time. But Stelter doesn’t approve, though.

Media figures’ heads exploded when they heard that Carlson was doing an online series about January 6, and now Carlson’s back again with a special on Kyle Rittenhouse. Prepare for the great triggering:

Stelter noted that Carlson’s crew was filming with Rittenhouse both during and trial and after his acquittal:

Stelter writes in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter (emphasis his):

Fox’s Tucker Carlson secured exclusive access to Rittenhouse and members of his defense team. According to this new promo video, Carlson’s crew was filming with Rittenhouse during the trial, showing him in a wholly sympathetic light. The crew was also with him right after the not-guilty verdict was handed down on Friday. A staffer could be heard off-camera asking “How you feel, man?” — and that’s when Rittenhouse, riding in an SUV, says “The jury reached the correct verdict. Self-defense is not illegal. And I believe they came to the correct verdict.”

Fox announced that Carlson “will conduct an exclusive interview” with Rittenhouse, with a portion airing on Monday night, “followed by a Tucker Carlson Originals documentary on Fox Nation in December.” So this entire ordeal is being used to drive subscriptions for Fox’s streaming service.

What “ordeal”?

* * *


Aaron Rupar Jr. from The Daily Beast just can’t help thinking of something:


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