A lot of people have wondered what Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger would be doing differently if he were defending Kyle Rittenhouse. As we’ve pointed out, he’s already resorted to mocking Rittenhouse for defending himself, perhaps hoping snark will play well with the jury. It appears here that he’s trying to suggest that Joseph Rosenbaum didn’t deserve to be shot and killed in Kenosha, but all he’s doing with us is showing the state of mind Rosenbaum was in — one of wanton destruction.

So many people wonder why Rittenhouse crossed state lines to be in Kenosha. Why was he there? Well, why was Rosenbaum there? Well, we know from video footage he was there to threaten people. But gosh, look at how little Rosenbaum had done; just your normal rioting, that’s all.

Sounds just like a stand-up guy who in no way would be triggered to chase down a kid who was cleaning up graffiti and putting out those dumpster fires.

About swinging that chain:

He also reportedly threatened the group Rittenbaum was with, saying he’d “cut your f**king hearts out and kill you” if he caught any of them alone.

We’re surprised he left out the rape convictions.

Maybe if the cops had put rioters like Rosenbaum in cuffs he’d still be alive.

And what was the context of that n-word?

Editor’s note: The headline has been corrected to fix a typo.


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