When we think of Chris Christie these days, all we can picture is that photo of him in a beach chair being Photoshopped everywhere — that’s his legacy. We checked our archives, and back in April, Axios was reporting that Christie was seriously considering running for president in 2024: “He’s told friends he’d be the only person in the 2024 field with executive experience who has run a presidential race before — a clear shot at Gov. Ron DeSantis.” So because he has experience losing a presidential primary, he’s better than DeSantis?

Christie seems to hold some sort of attraction to CNN as a former Trump supporter who became a critic, and there aren’t many of those around to interview. It seems we’ll have to last through the weekend to experience “Being Chris Christie,” with CNN’s Dana Bash.

Nobody of either party wants this.

We literally can’t find one single positive reply to this tweet.

Maybe media reporter Brian Stelter will hype it on his show Sunday and explain why CNN is even bothering. Actually, fewer people will probably watch this than Stelter’s show.


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