Homicides are up, and CBS News thought they’d examine the problem by having Norah O’Donnell have an image rehabilitation session with President Biden’s blocked nominee to head the ATF, David Chipman. There’s nothing in the interview about homicides anyway, and Chipman says the role of the ATF is to stop gun trafficking and domestic terror, period.

Since he’s got the chance to sit down with a friendly listener, Chipman thought he’d place the blame on his withdrawn nomination on concerns that he would “not play nice with the gun industry.” No mention, of course, of Stephen Gutowski’s reporting at The Reload on a racial complaint against Chipman.

Yes, Chipman says those who opposed his nomination must be pro-gun violence.

Where in America do you need a background check and a waiting period to buy a beer?

He gives us the creeps … O’Donnell may have done some social distancing herself.