Here again is Christopher Rufo with documents from another corporate training program, this one from CVS. Like all of these anti-racism initiatives, it kicks off by having participants break themselves into identity groups to identify their privilege, teaches them how to be an ally, and ends with a commitment to put the training into action. And as so many of these programs do, this one too included Ibram X. Kendi to explain how to be born white in America is to be racist.

That’s why he wrote “Antiracist Baby” as a complement to his “How to Be an Antiracist.”

Other signs of privilege: “When working with or leading a group, you do not worry about being described as aggressive” and “I always go to the doctor when I feel unwell or have injured myself.”

Here’s why “I’m not racist; I have friends of color” is offensive.

Like American Express (“Membership has its privileges”) host a lecture on how capitalism is racist.