We can’t verify these screenshots posted by Nicki Minaj, whose cousin in Trinidad’s friend says his testicles swelled up after getting the COVID-19 vaccine and led his fiancé to call off their wedding. But there is a Sharlene Rampersad who works in Trinidad & Tobago, and Guardian Media of Trinidad & Tobago released a statement saying, “Today, in the legitimate pursuit of a story that has both local and international interest, one of our journalists has been subjected to a range of attacks via social media including death threats.”

In short, the texts Minaj posted appear to show Rampersad trying to arrange an interview with Minaj’s cousin and his friend, and she notes that “CNN is in the country looking for you” and won’t hesitate to reveal where you live. “If you speak to me, we won’t reveal those details,” she writes.

What kind of threat is, “CNN is in the country looking for you”? Is that CNN’s reputation now?