The only thing that astounds us more than Brian Stelter being only 36 is that CNN relented and gave narcissist Jim Acosta his own weekend anchor slot, apparently knowing they wouldn’t need someone to wrestle microphones out of some girl’s hands during press conferences under the Biden administration.

On Saturday, Acosta had some thoughts on the far-right’s race-baiting conspiracy theories about Afghan refugees and how they were being imported to “change America.” You could say the “far-right” has similar race-baiting concerns about the untempered flow of a record number of illegal immigrants across the southern border … actually, Acosta and his progressive friends do say that.

“Some” right-wing media voices and politicians.

Like the far-right Associated Press:

You’d think the weekend anchor of the third-most watched cable news network would cover the Americans left in Afghanistan.

That was on another network besides Fox News, so it’s likely no one at CNN saw it.

Do the conspiracy theory where President Biden told George Stephanopoulos we wouldn’t be leaving as long as there were Americans there.