As Twitchy reported, President Joe Biden took no questions from reporters after announcing Monday that the Pfizer-Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has received FDA approval, so everyone waiting for full approval should get in line now for the jab, and also mask up their children when they leave home.

The contagious Delta variant is what has frightened everybody back into masks for the time being, but Insider Paper is reporting that an expert is warning about a new super-variant called COVID-22 that could be even more dangerous than the Delta variant.

“Professor Doctor Sai Reddy of the federal technology institute ETH Zurich, an immunologist, believes that combination of existing strains could result in a new and more dangerous phase of the pandemic,” the paper reports. In other words, COVID-22 doesn’t exist yet and might not ever exist.

The Delta variant panic-porn still has a good shelf-life to it; no need to rush to some hypothetical super-variant just yet.