We’ve done a few posts recently on Australia’s latest crackdown on the citizens in the wake of a spike in COVID-19 cases, and soldiers are assisting police in doing door-to-door checks to enforce the most recent lockdown. 7News in Australia is reporting that police are on the lookout for a 27-year-old who is infectious and is wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant after allegedly failing to isolate as directed by the Public Health Order.

New South Wales police have his mugshot, so we were wondering if he was wanted on some other outstanding warrant, but there’s no mention of any crime other than failing to isolate.

A public warning statement was issued in light of the risk to the health or safety of the public:

Mr Anthony KARAM, age 27, and known to frequent Wentworth Point, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is infectious. The community is warned to avoid contact with Mr KARAM and not approach him. Anyone with information about Mr KARAM’s whereabouts should call Crime Stoppers or their local police station immediately.

We don’t know what punishment he faces when captured.

Guns are dangerous, but a positive COVID test? That’s beyond dangerous.