Well, this is ridiculous. The overarching reason President Biden didn’t get tens of thousands of Afghan allies out of the country sooner is incompetence, both on his part and his administration’s. It’s not much more complicated than that.

Catherine Rampell is an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post, and she posits a number of theories why the Biden administration didn’t get more of our allies out of Afghanistan sooner. Maybe he didn’t want to project a lack of faith in the Afghan government. Maybe people just didn’t want to leave. Or there’s the “more stomach-turning possibility” that Biden didn’t act sooner because the president “was afraid of what Fox News might say.”

So it’s the fault of Fox News, really.

“No matter what this president does, demagogues will accuse him of ‘open borders.'” Hmm, why is that? What could possibly be the reason?

She’s serious with this crap. Biden was afraid of what conservatives would think.

Her first guest was “disorganization,” which is a nice way of saying Biden had no plan.