Ben Shapiro has a new book out called “The Authoritarian Moment,” and it argues that the real threat of authoritarianism is coming from the Left and not the Right. Liberal critics disagree, of course, but most of them would rather attack Shapiro than his argument.

Salon writer Cody Cain wrote a really shallow piece about how there’s no such thing as left-wing authoritarianism no matter how much Republicans claim there is. Someone at Raw Story thought it was worth picking up and republishing, or maybe they were just looking for a ratio.

Cain writes:

In fact, lying is the only way the right wing can win elections. After all, its policies are profoundly unpopular with ordinary people because the right-wing favors the 1% rich over the 99% working and middle classes.

How in the world could 1% of the population ever win elections over the 99%? Simple. The 1% bamboozles the 99%. To win elections, the right must conceal its true intentions from the voters and instead engage in manipulative tactics, like lying and fearmongering.

We told you it was shallow.

During and after the Cold War, the right undertook a relentless campaign that rages on to this day of falsely smearing Democrats and the left as the cause of authoritarianism, like the horrendous dictatorships of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler in Germany, Fidel Castro in Cuba and Hugo Chávez in Venezuela.

In fact, the right so maligned the concept of “socialism” and the profoundly influential thinker Karl Marx that “socialism” remains a poisonous word to this day, often wielded as a weapon against Democrats and liberals.

It’s not a weapon if Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders embrace the term.

This piece really is one of the worst we’ve read, and it made it not only to Salon but Raw Story as well.