We told you a couple of days ago about how a writer for The Bulwark was trying to prove that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had been making no effort to promote the COVID vaccine. He did this by scanning DeSantis’ Twitter feed and interpreting anti-vaccination passport tweets as anti-vax tweets. Just maybe it’s possible that the national media doesn’t cover DeSantis’ in-person appearances where he promotes the vaccine, as he’s been doing all year, and is instead obsessed with Florida’s infection rate. (As an aside, we also wonder who The Bulwark is pulling for in 2024: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or maybe even a Republican like Gov. Larry Hogan or former Gov. John Kucinich.)

As you know, CNN has pulled Jim Acosta from the White House briefing room and given him his own show, where he’s not required to hide his political biases as he did so effectively before.) By the way, CNN’s doing great:

Those who did tune in to Acosta this weekend got to see him pitch a new idea: name future coronavirus variants after anti-science governors like DeSantis.

We don’t talk about that either.

You know he went back to his dressing room, looked into his many mirrors, and congratulated himself on owning the cons so hard.