As Twitchy reported, President Biden on Thursday signed a bill awarding congressional gold medals to Capitol and Metropolitan police officers who responded to the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6. He also gave a brief address in which he invoked the Civil War and also compared the police to student-athletes getting jumped.

Here’s Biden likening the police to brave high school brawlers:

Someone at the New York Post actually did:

“You’re the same ones after a ballgame in a visiting field who come walking out of the gym after you won and you may get jumped by the other team or their supporters. You may be all by yourself, the only one standing there, when you watch six people jump one of our teammates. What the hell would you do? You’d jump in, you’d jump in, knowing you’re gonna have the hell beat out of you, too.”

So it was a violent insurrection that threatened democracy itself but it was also like getting jumped after a ballgame.

And in case you missed it in the other thread, it looks like he got a quick sniff in: