New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd must have thought she’d stuck the landing with her terse headline, “Why do Republicans hate cops?” It does grab your attention, especially if you were paying attention all through 2020 when leftist extremists were spray-painting “ACAB” (“all cops are bastards”) and “F**k 12” on every building they decided not to set on fire. And because law enforcement was sent in by President Trump to quell the violence in these Democrat-run cities, they were called Trump’s “stormtroopers” by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

So Dowd thinks in one newspaper column she can turn the narrative around from Democrats calling to defund the police. “Defunding police means defunding police,” clarified Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a statement.

Dowd writes after watching the select committee on January 6:

The heart-rending police testimony was dismissed by most Republicans and Fox News as “political theater.” What gall by a party that claims to have the backs of men and women in blue.

Laura Ingraham even gave awards — “Best Exaggerated Performance,” “Best Political Performance” and “Best Performance in an Action Role” — to the police who recounted their terrifying battles with the mob. “They came across as political actors,” Ingraham said. “That doesn’t help anything. We want the police to be just the police.”

Democrats are rolling back the “defund the police” rhetoric and even opening Capitol Police field offices in California and Florida to better protect lawmakers from threats, essentially creating their own national secret police force.

Yeah, they think this is going to turn around public opinion on a year’s worth of “defund the police” rhetoric.

The mayor of Seattle actually ceded several blocks, including a police precinct, to the “CHAZ” anarchists.

When is the federal investigation into David Dorn’s death?

The tweeter above was right; Dowd should have gone with some hot take on welding the unvaccinated into their apartments or something.