Bill Melugin of Fox Los Angeles is a must-follow if you have any interest in what’s going on at the border. Over the past few days, he’s posted video of an “absolutely massive” group of hundreds of migrants arriving at the border fence in Del Rio, Texas.

On Tuesday, Melugin posted a public health announcement released by the La Joya Police Department. In short, an officer was waved down by a citizen who observed an unmasked family at a Whataburger restaurant coughing and sneezing. “The Officer approached the family and was told by them that they had been apprehended by Border Patrol days prior and were released because they were sick with Covid-19.”

The bulletin goes on to say that “people being detained by Border Patrol that showed symptoms of illness or were positive for Covid-19 were being quarantined by the agency and then later they were given custody to Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley to be placed in hotels in the McAllen area as well as La Joya.”

And as Melugin has reported, they’re not even all from Central America, which is where Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to address the “root causes” of migration (like climate change and LGBTQ discrimination). Hundreds say they’re from Haiti, while others come from all around the world. They know if they can make it to Mexico first they can walk into the United States.