There’s a scoop from the Tennesseean that actually seems to be taken from an article that appeared on Apple News last week, and it’s burning up Twitter. The impression going around is that Tennessee Republicans are doing all they can to keep kids from being vaccinated.

Here’s Chelsea Clinton responding to the Apple News article:

And here’s Dan Rather weighing in:

Yeah, according to the article, the state will be sending reminder postcards to parents and not directly to children:

“Providing information and access are routine public health functions, and that has not changed,” the [Department of Health] said. “The department’s role is to provide adults with trustworthy information as well as access to the vaccine should they make that choice personally or for their children. The department has evaluated events, social media posts and other means to ensure it is explicitly clear that it is supporting parents in this process and there is no room for interpretation, otherwise.”

We are talking about kids as young as 12 here.