Jazz Shaw reported over at our sister-site Hot Air a couple of weeks ago that San Jose’s mayor, Sam Liccardo, had big plans. “He just wants to charge an annual fee to anyone who happens to have a legally owned firearm and force all gun owners to carry mandatory liability insurance,
Shaw writes. “See? Totally harmless, right?”

It looks like the city council has approved the ordinance, making San Jose the first city in the nation to make (law-abiding) gun owners compensate for gun violence (by non-law-abiding gun “owners”).

How is it a symbolic step if the annual fee is real? According to CBS San Francisco, “San Jose would become the first U.S. city to require gun owners to pay a fee to compensate taxpayers for the public cost of responding to gun violence.”

That sounds … unconstitutional.

“Symbolic” ordinances that are unconstitutional don’t tend to apply for very long. Let’s see if the city collects a penny before this is struck down.