We still can’t get over the time the press accused Sarah Huckabee Sanders of posting a fake photo of a pie she’d claimed to have baked — and then when she brought a pie in, April Ryan assured us she wouldn’t touch it; it might be poisoned or something. Jen Psaki has the Easter bunny bring in cookies for the press corps, though, and everyone digs in like kindergartners at snack time.

It must be nice to be Psaki and know you’ll have a pliant and receptive audience every time you enter the White House briefing room, and that you’ll get the deluxe treatment when appearing on TV. Remember CNN’s Brian Stelter asking her how the press could do a better job?

Here’s Psaki on with Nicolle Wallace, who advises her to “stand her ground,” even though the “vast majority” of reporters in the briefing room give her high marks. Of course they do, because the vast majority are Biden supporters.

How refreshing.