One can argue that the integration of critical race theory isn’t something that should be a statewide decision but decided at the school board level, hopefully with the input of concerned parents.

Then again, in places like Loudon County, Virginia, teachers and others have taken to making lists of parents opposed to critical race theory and soliciting “hackers” to “infiltrate” and silence parents’ communications on platforms such as Facebook. Concerned parents have become the enemy. Teachers can be activists, but not parents.

Here’s a video of a teacher who’s upset because the new law prevents her from teaching “her” kids about racial equity. Not surprisingly, she tells her colleagues, “In the past, we’ve been activists,” and she calls on them to ignore the new law.

And what’s with the crazy eyes in all of these videos we post?


Note: Someone in the comments tracked her down and says she’s from Iowa, not Texas.


But they are hers for six hours a day, so she needs to work fast.


“Teach the facts? But the law bans us from teaching about slavery!”