The Daily Caller is reporting Thursday that Michael Avenatti and his lawyers are asking that his sentence be reduced to less than six months, citing his “epic fall and public shaming” as punishment served.

Harry Wilmerding reports:

“Avenatti’s epic fall and public shaming have played out in front of the entire world. The Court may take judicial notice of this fact, as Avenatti’s cataclysmic fall has been well-documented. He is openly mocked by the former President of the United States and his preferred media outlets, to the glee of millions of the former President’s followers and supporters,” Avenatti’s lawyers argued, according to the Associated Press.

“He cannot go anywhere in public without inducing and subjecting himself to vitriolic comments and abuse. These circumstances alone would deter anyone in Avenatti’s shoes from engaging in similar conduct,” the lawyers said.

Oh no, he can’t go out in public without subjecting himself to abuse.

He and Brian Stelter really did have a bromance going there for a while.