We get it. You’ve gotten vaccinated against COVID-19 and you want everyone to know it, especially if you’re one of those people who’s going to shed the mask. They give you a card when you get vaccinated (that was too big to fit in this editor’s wallet, so it’s looking pretty rough), but you can’t really wave that around and feel you’re impressing anyone. We’ve seen plenty of T-shirts indicating that the wearer has been vaccinated, but the website Scary Mommy has done a roundup of the very best “Vaccinated” jewelry money can buy (mostly on Etsy).

Gina Vaynshteyn writes:

… As someone who is fully vaccinated (and doesn’t have anyone else living in my home who isn’t vaccinated), the thought of going out and not wearing a mask feels weird. At the moment, since I live in California, I still have to wear mine until June 15, but after that? According to reports, Californians will be allowed to do just about anything without a mask if they’re completely vaccinated. My main concern? I don’t want people to think I’m a lying asshole if I go out without a mask.

Which is why I thought of a brilliant solution: I can put on some jewelry that literally lets people know I’m vaccinated. Sure, I could still a lying asshole with some new bling, but at least I’m trying. And some pieces I found online that are really cute. And functional! Behold.

The thing is, Scary Mommy bills itself as 85 million women who are “Scary Strong. Scary Fierce. Scary Proud.” And then they post something like this and make women look vain and stupid.

And just how long do you wear this thing? After Labor Day?

We kind of hope jewelry stores hop on this “thing” and end up stuck with inventory they’ll never be able to sell.