Does the CDC suck or what? The CDC finally got around to declaring that if you’re vaccinated against COVID-19, you don’t have to wear a mask anymore outdoors or around other vaccinated people. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky dialed that back a bit, telling “Fox News Sunday” that there’s no mandate to take off your mask — something people in the freer parts of the country have known for a year.

1010 WINS reports:

“We have to remain humble. We’ve had way too many curveballs in this pandemic come to us. But I am really cautiously optimistic that we are in a good place right now, that cases continue to come down,” she said.

But, she added, even though the guidance has changed, “there’s no need for everybody to start ripping off their masks.”

“There is no mandate to take it off. What we’re saying is, now this is safe,” she said. “Work at your own speed, work with your own family and your own businesses to remove them when necessary.”

The station added that, “When pressed about the quick turnaround on the agency’s stance on mask wearing, Walensky said the agency was not giving in to pressure but instead needed time to review evolving science.”

“I can tell you it certainly would have been easier if the science had evolved a week earlier and I didn’t have to go to Congress making those statements. But I’m delivering the science as the science is delivered to the medical journals,” she said.

She’s just delivering the science, y’all.

Just because we said you can take off your mask doesn’t mean that you should rush to take your mask off.