Here’s Kira Davis:

Not a mischaracterization, but an exaggeration, maybe? No, not really. It’s what he’s saying.

We’re weren’t familiar with the case Touré is taking a poll over (see tweet below), but apparently, a 77-year-old white man at a Dunkin’ Donuts called a black 27-year-old employee the N-word. After he said it again, the employee knocked him out, he fell, and died. Now Touré’s poll says that 71 percent of respondents say the employee is not guilty of murder because he was called the N-word first.

So that’s what has so many people worked up.

It’s not an insult — it’s a threat to your life.

This take is so hot … and this guy had a TV show on MSNBC. He’ll probably get it back now with the engagement he’s getting over these tweets.