This is going to be a short post because Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has turned off replies, but if you were with us over the weekend, you saw as a man got out of his car in Plano and confronted Black Lives Matter protesters who were blocking the intersection. It appeared as though there was only one cop on duty, and he led the man back to his car, allowing the protest to continue.

We’ve learned from a statement from Paxton that the only person being charged with a crime in the incident is the man who confronted the protesters; he’s been charged with “assault with contact” for slapping a person’s hand out of his face.

Paxton writes:

Second, the Chief was anxious to excuse the rioters. “You have to understand the situation,” urged the Chief. “We have to negotiate with these people. Do you expect us to mass arrest these protesters? You know that’s not going to happen.” Most law enforcement officers are ready and willing to uphold law and order. We need them to do that. But too many are held back by politically motivated leaders, crippled by the woke agitators, now aiders and abettors to liberal lunacy.

“I will never allow our beautiful Texas cities and neighborhoods to become Portland or Seattle or San Francisco because of the unchecked left,” he concludes.

Here’s the video in case you missed it over the weekend.