Stacey Abrams has written eight romance novels under a pseudonym, but now she’s out promoting a thriller that bears her real name. While visiting CBS News to promote “While Justice Sleeps,” she told her interviewers that becoming president is “absolutely” an ambition she holds. Of course, first, she has to fix all the voter suppression that cost her the governorship of Georgia.

CBS News reports:

Ensuring that right to vote may someday help Abrams achieve her greatest dream: running for President.

“DO I hold it as an ambition? Absolutely,” she said. “And even more importantly, when someone asks me if that’s my ambition, I have a responsibility to say yes, for every young woman, every person of color, every young person of color, who sees me and decides what they’re capable of based on what I think I am capable of. Again, it’s about you cannot have those things you refuse to dream of.”

Abrams also insists there’s a line between the Senate wins of Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and the January 6 storming of the Capitol the following day, during which at least one person was photographed carrying a Confederate flag.

“That flag has always been a declaration of domestic terrorism against communities they thought were not worthy of being able to call themselves citizens,” Abrams said. “And so, yes, there is absolutely a through line from what we accomplished in Georgia to what happened on January 6th.”

The wins were also the impetus for new election laws — pushed by Republicans in state legislatures—which Abrams says are really designed to deny poor and older voters of color a voice in elections.

No wonder she’s so motivated to fight voter suppression, seeing as it could cost her the presidency.

One thing she has going for her — a fawning media that has done everything it can to promote her since her loss.