We’ve heard a lot about blondes and Fox News, but The Cut, one of New York Magazine’s verticals aimed at women, has brought Donald Trump into the mix and declared that Fox News and Trump — through Ivanka — have made blonde “the color of the right.”

Amy Larocca writes:

Fox News and Donald Trump have given blonde hair a new chapter: Now, blonde is the color of the right, for whom whiteness has become a hallmark. Over the past decade or so, as inclusiveness became the hallmark of Obama-era liberals, the left found feminist icons in Rachel Maddow, Samantha Power, and Michelle Obama, who make no apologies for their failure to fit traditional ideals. But #MAGA, Fox News America is a place where all the classic signifiers of privilege and wealth work on overdrive: country-club-issue blue blazers with brass buttons and khaki pants, and above all else, for women, that yellow-blonde, carefully tended hair — a dog whistle of whiteness, an unspoken declaration of values, a wink-wink to the power of racial privilege and to the 1980s vibe that pervades a movement led by a man who still believes in the guilt of the Central Park Five.

She even brings “The Karate Kid” into it: “Johnny, the villain of the Karate Kid films, had a decisive swoosh of blond hair that obscured his headband. We knew, the moment we saw that hair, that small, ethnic Daniel was up against more than another teenager, he was up against privilege itself.”

Seriously. That’s what we were all thinking when watching “The Karate Kid” back in 1984.

People actually pitch these articles to editors, who give them the go-ahead to write their 1,000 words or whatever, and then they get paid for it when some clown hits the button to publish it for public consumption.