Andy Ngo, author of “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” which may or may not be available at your local bookstore, often gets in trouble for calling people Antifa, yet the people in this video certainly look like Antifa: they have the matching black clothing, the helmets and homemade shields, the guy with the umbrella, something that looks like pepper spray … the Antifa uniform, basically.


We’re not entirely sure what was going down in Salem, Oregon — something called the “Freedom Rally” — but we do see a man whose windshield is covered in yellow paint facing off against a small crowd who are coming at him with cans of pepper spray at the ready. It’s only after he pulls a gun that the police spring into action and arrest him. Shouldn’t they be chucking rocks at the cop or something?

Note: People in the comments are saying that the man was not arrested, for what it’s worth.

TMZ reports:

The heated incident went down Sunday in Salem at a rally near the Oregon Capitol where the man wearing an American flag hoodie and driving a truck with Trump stickers clashed with Antifa protesters … who pelted his truck with rocks and paint.

The man’s truck windows appear to be shattered from the encounter and you can see the windshield’s smeared with yellow paint, but it seems getting maced was the final straw — prompting the man to pull out his gun, cock it and point it at protesters.

Moments later … you see the man put his hands up and surrender to cops before he’s taken away. It’s unclear what charges he’s facing, if any.

It’s just an idea.

They were protesting, which gives you carte blanche to do anything.

* * *


The New York Post is reporting that the man will face no charges.

We wouldn’t call them “dueling protests,” though.


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