We’ve never used PoliticsNY as a source before, but the site has a really astounding story (and editor’s note) suggesting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being railroaded regarding allegations of sexual harassment — because it’s white women making the allegations and white women, well, you know, have a history of their allegations being taken seriously above all else.

Stephen Witt writes that Harlem Assemblywoman Inez Dickens, who is black, and an unnamed black female attorney who formerly worked in Cuomo’s executive chamber, believe that race may be playing a factor in Cuomo’s railroading:

The source and Dickens also expressed concern that the sexual harassment allegations superseded the controversy surrounding the Cuomo administration’s handling of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. They also suggested that race may have also played a factor.

“It’s really unfortunate that the death of thousands of New Yorkers [in the nursing home scandal] had to take a back seat of allegations from white women. That the history of white women allegations is still given number one preference over anything,” said the source.

Dickens noted the second allegation was of something Cuomo said and that he didn’t touch her and it could be interpreted several ways.

“The third woman wasn’t a Government employee. They were at a wedding with 500 people. No in the corner, in the dark of night but in broad daylight at a party of massive people and she says he touched her back. Well so what. Turn around ask him excuse me are you trying to get my attention because I don’t know you. That’s what a Black woman would have done – handled her business knowing that often sexiness is used to secure favor,” wrote Dickens on Facebook.

Wow, believe women, right? An editor’s note has been appended to the piece since it went up Monday morning:

Editor’s note: After the original version of this story went live Monday morning, we received feedback from readers who suggested that the story sought to discount the allegations made against the governor. It was not the intent of this story, which has nonetheless been revised to further clarify the statements made by Dickens and the source.

According to a screenshot, a paragraph citing the case of Emmett Till(!) to back up the allegation that “white women’s unsubstantiated claims” had “led to hundreds, if not thousands of black men being brutally lynched and murdered,” was excised from the piece and is sourced to neither woman. Looks like Witt added that for “context.”

The Emmett Till paragraph is gone, but the subhead in the tweet still reads, “Citing a long history of white woman [sic] leveling unfounded charges of Black males ‘reckless [sic] eyeballing them ….”

No … women of color are still sticking up for men who are accused of sexual harassment by white women. White women are always accusing men of sexually harassing them and people always take them seriously because they’re white.