You might remember that last week the New York Times issued a warning that the audio chatroom app Clubhouse was allowing people to have “unfettered conversations,” while at the same time “grappling with concerns over harassment, misinformation and privacy.” That article was co-written by tech and internet culture reporter Taylor Lorenz, who had earlier walked back her claim that tech entrepreneur Marc Andreessen had used incendiary language on the platform. “@pmarca just openly using the r-slur on Clubhouse tonight and not one other person in the room called him on it or saying anything,” Lorenz tweeted.

Now Lorenz has tweeted that Andreessen and Charles C. Johnson were “bashing” her in a Clubhouse chatroom Friday night and retweeted a tweet alleging the coordinated organized harassment of a tech journalist by powerful venture capitalists.

Stay tuned for another New York Times piece on the dangers of Clubhouse and unfettered speech.