As Twitchy reported back in January, U.S. Capitol Police were suggesting that the fencing set up around the Capitol Building could eventually become a permanent fixture as one of many “vast improvements to the physical security infrastructure.” Now, citing ongoing threats, the Capitol Police told congressional leaders Thursday that the current fencing, complete with razor wire, should stay in place until September.

We’re not sure why September; we knew that they wanted to keep the National Guard in D.C. until after former President Trump’s impeachment trial, but that’s over and done with, but the new bogeyman that is the right-wing domestic terrorist and has inspired several former intelligence officials to suggest adopting the methods used against al-Qaeda promises to be a threat throughout the summer, apparently.

The AP reports:

But despite the recommendation, it is unclear how long the fence will remain surrounding the Capitol grounds with dozens of lawmakers growing tired of it and an increased push in Congress for it to come down.

More than 40 Republicans signed onto a letter two weeks ago calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to remove the fence and arrange for thousands of National Guard troops – sent to Washington to protect the Capitol complex after January’s riot – to go home.

The lawmakers said they were concerned about reports the fencing may be made permanent.

“It’s time for healing and it’s time for the removal of the fencing so the nation may move forward,” the letter read.

There were rioters doing their thing in D.C. during Trump’s inauguration, but they were just extreme leftists setting fire to cars and stuff.

Remember when they made fun of Trump by calling him “Bunker Boy” when rioters got a little too close for comfort?