We’ve heard COVID-19 used as an often good excuse for things being delayed, but apparently, the pandemic is also contributing to the production of Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson’s anti-Trump film that was supposed to be out in 2018 … you know, before the election. We have President Biden now, and just maybe under his administration, we’ll see the movie that Wilson raised $64,000 to produce.

Audrey Conkin reports for Fox News:

Rick Wilson, co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project PAC, raised nearly $65,000 for a film called “Everything Trump Touches Dies” that has yet to be released.

Wilson raised $64,766 from around 1,400 donors for the film – based on his book under the same title – on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, though donations have since been paused for the project.

The GoFundMe page initially claimed the feature-length documentary would premiere in January 2018. But a January 2018 update from Wilson said filmmakers were still working on its “first round of interviews” and asked people to give more money to the project.

Wilson provided no updates for nearly two months, when he said in March 2018 that the film was in “final production” and again asked for more money.

Nearly a year later in February 2019, Wilson insisted that the project was “still happening” and that he needed to “expand the scope of the project to truly tell the story.”

Next, they’ll be telling us they’re waiting for theaters to fully reopen to meet the demand to see the film.