Dr. Anthony Fauci, who last March was telling us not to walk around wearing masks, followed the science and changed his mind, declaring that everyone should wear a mask. Now, two weeks after the New York Times reported that “the President-elect and even some science-savvy senators have begun to double up on masks,” Fauci is coming out in favor of double-masking, sort of:

We were surprised when we covered that New York Times story how many people popped up in the comments to say that they’d been wearing two masks all along … maybe a medical mask underneath and a cloth mask on top. And if you want to wear two masks, great. If you sign an executive order mandating everyone on federal property wear a mask for 100 days, even while celebrating, you and your press secretary should probably both wear one too.

If Biden follows the science and mandates two masks on federal property, then will everyone in Washington wear at least one?