We’re hoping CBS News puts up a segment on this so we can see Catherine Herridge cover it in an interview, but for now, she’s posting a memo from President Trump on his last day in office. He tells the Attorney General, Director of National Intelligence, and the Director of the CIA in a memo that he received from the Justice Department on Dec. 30 a binder containing files related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

He wanted the materials declassified to the maximum extent possible, but the FBI noted in a letter dated Jan. 17, 2021, its “continuing objection” to any further declassification of materials in the binder. “I hereby declassify the remaining materials in the binder,” Trump wrote in his Jan. 19 memo. “This is my final determination under the declassification review.”

Along with the Durham report?

We’re honestly not sure. FOIA request?