It’s always a good laugh to go back and look at what actually got done on that first day in office and then again after the first 100 days. Joe Biden seems to have picked up the executive action bug from his former boss, and his chief of staff Ronald Klain has given us a preview of the executive actions, which will address “four overlapping and compounding crises.” Rahm Emanuel said to never let a crisis go to waste, but Biden’s already got four lined up. Which four? Read on:

Reverse the “Muslim Ban”? The one that singled out countries designated by President Obama? Oh, and to make it sound fun, Biden’s initiating his “100 Day Masking Challenge.” Dude, some of us have been wearing masks since last March.

We wonder what his “significant early actions to advance equity and support communities of color and other underserved communities” will be — that’s a bit vague. And is he going to “restore dignity to our immigration system” by tearing down the cages Obama built?

If he has a Democratically controlled House and Senate, why the need for all the Executive Actions? Why not, you know, pass some legislation?