We’ve heard from both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris about the storming of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Trump on Wednesday, but we haven’t heard from singer Demi Lovato. No, wait, actually we have. Lovato proclaimed on Twitter that she was recording “something special” in the aftermath of the rioting.

NBC Los Angeles reports:

In a follow-up tweet, the 28-year-old “Cool for the Summer” performer announced that she was currently in a studio and recording some type of commentary on the traumatic day. She did not specify if the music had been written prior to the unrest at the Capitol, nor did she give any further details about what to expect from it, but the posts led her name to start trending on Twitter.

“THIS IS WHY I POST AS MUCH AS I DO,” she continued. “THIS IS WHY I CARE. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN ANY F–KING MORE. I’m angry, embarrassed and ashamed. I’m in the studio working on something special after today’s assault on democracy. #impeachtrumptonight.”

But … every Demi Lovato song is special.

Is it going to raise funds for the family of the woman who was shot dead by Capitol police? We’re betting it’s not.

How about four minutes of silence?