As Twitchy has reported, Michelle Obama has weighed in on Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol and is dismayed that some people are comparing that attack to the summer of peaceful protests in the name of Black Lives Matter. NPR must have known that such comparisons were coming, because Steve Inskeep interviewed for “Morning Edition” Eddie Glaude, the chair of Princeton University’s Department of African American studies, to tell us how riots are different compared to which side you’re on:

Glaude, who has written several books about race in the U.S., said that Wednesday’s violence at the Capitol demonstrated how “America is more comfortable with protest from the right than it is from the left.” Demonstrations from the left are often considered to represent “an existential threat to the country,” he said, whereas right-wing protests are taken “as a kind of patriotic gesture.”

We can see that; there have been lots of peaceful protests by patriots that are disrupted by far-left extremists. But we have to stop the professor when he says we saw peaceful protests across the country this summer:

We saw “mostly peaceful” protests across the country, according to all media accounts.